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Tokens are Printable pages full of usefull cutouts for Frag. Whether it is for additional rules I have written or just re-creation of tokens from the Frag Game.
Rules Tokens
  • [Grenades! Tokens]
    Here they are. These are the tokens for my Rules Expansion Grenades! Included are the Scatter templates for d6 and d8 as well as a ton of grenade counters.
  • [Conveyor Belt Tokens Page 1]  [Conveyor Belt Tokens Page 2]
    Two sheets of Conveyor belts to add to existing maps. Have fun with them.
  • [Jump Pad Tokens +]
    On this sheet are Tokens for my Jump pad rules, but as a bonus to expand out the sheet I added in some tokens for other things, extra guns, gadgets, teleporters, grates.