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All Rules will be published in PDF format. I will usually have individual rules posted as well as a compiled version of any type of rules (terrain, weapons, etc.). If anyone wants any of thier stuff posted, just mail me at
Terrain Rules
  • [Terrain Full Document]
    This is all the following Terrain Modifications in one full writeup, for ease of printing.
  • [Laser Trap Rules]
    These are the Rules for Laser Traps. An easy to add board element that can add tond of Death to your maps.
  • [Conveyor Belt Rules]
    Conveyor Belts and a new element of chaos to your maps.
  • [Jump Pad Rules]
    Jump Pads are a way to get across hazzards quickly. Can be added to any existing maps.
Weapon Rules
  • [Grenades! Document]
    This is the full writeup on Grenades, and how to add them to your game. Check the Tokens section of the board for printouts for tokens and scatter charts.
Additional Rules
  • [Silent Warriors - Extra Rules for FRAG]
    This is a collection of different rules by Silent Warrior as well as Myself. Some of my maps will be using some of the rules contained herein. Have Fun.