Gary S. Solar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geology,
Chair, Department of Earth Sciences and Science Education

Mass fabrics
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Contact Information:

Office: Science Building Room 260 / 271 (main office)
Office Phone: (716) 878-4900 (878-6731 for main office)
Office Hours: by appointment

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Ph.D., 1999, University of Maryland
M.A., 1994, Temple University
B.S., 1992, Temple University, Geology

Dr. Solar's full CV

Student Research:


Summary of Dr. Solar's research with undergraduate students
at Buffalo State College (2000-present)

Click here for a pdf of an article featuring my student Stan Skotnicki and undergraduate research at Buffalo State College


Research Interests:

Structural Geology, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Tectonics

Research emphasis on the interaction of metamorphic and deformational processes, development of tectonic models and the elucidation of tectonic processes, based upon the synthesis of field, microscopic and geochemical data yielded from rocks formed during mountain-building events.

Related work is focused upon the elucidation of tectonic models that specifically illustrate the processes and mechanisms by which granite melt transfers through deforming crust.

Click here for details on Dr. Solar's research interests
including details of NSF EAR-0510726.

Click here for an article in the Fulton Daily News about the grant

Courses taught
(*Fall 2009):


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GES 101        Introductory Geology
GES 303        Mineralogy and Petrology*
GES 401        Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GES 408W     Structural Geology
GES 450W     Field Geology*
GES 465        Tectonics
GES 503        Mineralogy and Petrology for Earth Science Teachers
GES 506        Geology of New York State

Geology Field Camp - Through SUNY Oswego


Select Publications:

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peer-reviewed publications, field guides and abstracts

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Brown, M. and Solar, G.S. 1998. Granite ascent and emplacement during contractional deformation in convergent orogens. Journal of Structural Geology. 20: 1365-1393. (link to pdf)

Gates, A.E., Valentino, D.W., Chiarenzelli, J.R., Solar, G.S. and Hamilton, M. 2004. Himalayan-type syntaxis in the Grenville orogen, northeastern Laurentia, southern Adirondacks and Hudson Highlands, New York, USA., Journal of Geodynamics. 37: 337-359. (link to pdf)

Johnson, T.E., Brown, M. and Solar, G.S. 2003, Low-pressure subsolidus and suprasolidus phase equilibria in the MnNCKFMASH system. Constraints on conditions of regional metamorphism in western Maine, northern Appalachians. American Mineralogist. 88: 624-638. (link to pdf)

Solar, G.S. and Brown, M. 1999. The classic high-T -- low-P metamorphism of west-central Maine, USA: Is it post-tectonic of syn-tectonic? Evidence from porphyroblast-matrix relations. Canadian Mineralogist, Kretz Volume. 37: 311-333.

Solar, G.S. and Brown, M. 2001. Deformation partitioning during transpression in response to Early Devonian oblique convergence, northern Appalachian orogen, USA. Journal of Structural Geology. 23: 1043-1065. (link to pdf)

Solar, G.S. and Brown, M. 2001. Petrogenesis of stromatic and inhomogeneous migmatite in Maine, USA: potential source of peraluminous granite? Journal of Petrology. 42: 789-823. (link to pdf)

Solar, G.S., Pressley, R.A., Brown, M. and Tucker, R.D. 1998. Granite ascent in convergent orogenic belts: testing a model. Geology. 26: 711-714. (link to pdf)

Tomascak, P.B., Brown, M., Solar, G.S., Becker, H.J., Centorbi, T.L. and Tian, J. 2005. Source contributions to Devonian granite magmatism near the Laurentian border, New Hampshire and western Maine, USA. Lithos. 80: 75-99. (link to pdf)

College Service:


Department of Earth Sciences and Science Education

- Department Chair (2006-present)
- Department Associate Chair (2004-2006)
- Faculty Advisor, Buffalo State College Geology Club (2001-2006)

- Faculty Advisor, Buffalo State College Wilderness Adventures Club

College Service

- College Senator (At-Large, 2004-2008)
- Senate Curriculum Committee (2002-present)
- Undergraduate Research Advisory Board (2004-present)
- Judicial Board (2003-2005)
- Dean’s Advisory Board for renovation of the Science Building (2004-present)
- Review Committee for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities (2004)
- High-Performance Computing (HIPERC) Faculty member since 2002
- Participant in Commencement ceremonies
- Representative to the Research and Creativity Council (2001-2003)


Professional Service:


Professional Geosciences

Organizer and General Chair of the Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, Buffalo, New York, March 27-29, 2008

Organizer and Chair of Theme Sessions for the Annual Meetings of the Geological Society of America:

National Meeting, Session T119, 2006, Philadelphia, PA
National Meeting, Session T132, 2003, Seattle, WA

Northeastern Section Meeting, 2003, Tysons Corner, VA
Northeastern Section Meeting, Session 19, 2006, Harrisburg, PA

Associate Editor, Geological Society of America Bulletin. Click here to go to the journal home page.

Co-editor of a Special Issue in the Journal of Metamorphic Geology, entitled “Linked Processes of Metamorphism and Deformation.” This volume will be in print in issue #6, 2005. Click here to view the contents of the issue.

Field Trip Leader

The Geological Society of America National Meeting, 2001
The Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Meeting, 2009
The New York State Geological Association
2003, 2004, 2005, 2008
The New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference 1996, 2006

USA Editorial Board of the international peer-reviewed journal the Journal of the Virtual Explorer (

Campus Representative of the Geological Society of America

Teaching Service

Author of Introductory Geology Textbook Web Resources (Prentice Hall) including chapter key concepts, online quizzes with feedback and hints, chapter tests and links to virtual field trips and other Internet sources.

Tarbuck and Lutgens, Earth, 8th edition, 2005
Lutgens and Tarbuck, Essentials of Geology, 9th edition 2006

Adjunct Professor and Graduate Faculty, Department of Geology, SUNY University at Buffalo.

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