†† Buffalo State College

Department of Technology

Instructional Support

Ronald C. Matusiak, B.S.



Iíve been employed at Buffalo State College as the Instructional Support Technician since June of 1994. My responsibilities are varied and include repairing and calibrating all the electronic and electrical laboratory equipment used by the department. In addition, I assist students during their classroom laboratory sessions, recommend equipment upgrades and evaluate software packages. I also provide guidance for students doing 'special projects' in either their electronics or electrical classes. My office/lab is located in Upton Hall 501.

Before joining Buffalo State, I was an electrical engineer at Sierra Research for fourteen years, participating in the design and development of military electronics. The majority of my time at Sierra was spent on the design and field testing of navigational avionics installed in the US Air Force transport fleet. This system allows aircraft to fly in close formation in all weather conditions and is deployed in many fleets throughout the world. I also participated in the design of upgrades of flight systems for the F-5A/B, a Norwegian aircraft.

To Contact Me:

Phone: 716-878-6938

E-mail: MATUSIRC@BSCMAIL.BuffaloState.edu

Upton Hall