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Events for 2017

3º Iberoamerican Seminar on Forensic Geosciences Meeting banner


3º Iberoamerican Seminar on Forensic Geosciences

    For more information download the UPDATED program flyer.



9th Asian Forensic Sciences Meeting banner


Soil Forensics Workshop on Forensic Examination and Interpretation of Soil Evidence

Held in conjunction with the Trace Evidence Working Group (TEWG) at the 9th Asian Forensic Sciences Network (AFSN) annual meeting and symposium in Singapore from 5 to 9th September 2017.
For more information and registration visit



European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017

    Vienna | Austria
    23–28 April 2017
    Download a flyer of the poster by Dr Laurance Donnelly, Prof Lorna Dawson,
    Dr Alastair Ruffell, Dr Jennifer McKinley, Dr Rosa Maria Di Maggio, Dr Duncan Pirrie,
    Commander Mark Harrison, and Prof Sue Grayston
    Forensic Geology and Geoethics presented at the EGU -
    General Assembly 2017 Session EOS14 - Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications
    of geoscience knowledge, education, research and practice


Events for 2016

IUGS-IFG Meetings
IFG Logo


Symposium: Forensic soil science and geology: 5th International Conference on Criminal & Environmental Soil Forensics

    Soil Forensic International (SFI-2016)
    35th International Geological Congress,
    Cape Town, South Africa 27 August – 4 September 2016

Complete Session Abstracts:

    Session T6.1 Forensic Soil Science and Geology.
    Session T6.2 History and Future of Forensic Soil Science and Geology / Recent Developments.
    Session T6.3 Forensic Soil Science and Geology: held in association with 5th International Conference on Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics .


Events for 2015

IUGS-IFG Meetings

bulletNo IFG Business Meetings were held in 2015


IUGS-IFG Training Events

bulletUniversity of Messina - (10-11 June 2015)

           download the program of the event,
           an event flyer and/or
           a formal invitation from the Organizing Committee (in Italian)
           June 5 Announcement in Italian        Announcement in (rough) English translation

bulletGeological Society of Japan (11-13 September 2015)

bulletUniversity of Messina - Training and Seminar (16-18 September 2015)

           download the workshop flyer, (in Italian)
           the field training flyer (in Italian)
           the flyer for the Seminars organized as part of the Master in Forensic Geology (in Italian)
           and/or a formal invitation from the Organizing Committee (in Italian)

Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Events:

bulletEuropean Academy of Forensic Science, Prague, Czech Republic (6-11 September 2015)

bulletInternational Conference on Engineering Geophysics, United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain United Arab Emirates (15-18 November 2015)

          For more information visit

Events for 2014

IUGS-IFG Meetings

bulletForensic Geoscience: Future Horizons Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London Burlington House, Piccadilly, London (3 December 2014) Updated Event Flyer

Download the registration form here
Download Information for Presenters here. Submissions must be emailed to the attached address by 26th September 2014
For more information see:

bulletInternational Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) Initiative on Forensic Geology (IFG) Strategic Planning Meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM), The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, UK (4th-5th December 2014) Updated Event Information


IUGS-IFG Training Events

bulletTraining with UK Police (March 2014) To Be Confirmed

bulletVictim Recovery Dogs (VRD) and Search Training, Cambridgeshire Police Headquarters, UK (12th May 2014) Donnelly Presentation Abstract

Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Events:

bulletBlackpool Geographical Association, Blackpool, UK (3 March 2014)

bulletForensic Forums 2014, London, UK (3 March 2014) Event Flyer

bulletGeologists Association, London UK (7 March 2013)

bulletCommunicating Contested Geoscience:new strategies for public engagement. A 1-day conference on how to communicate key geoscience challenges to the public. The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG (20 June 2014) Event Flyer

bulletEarth Science Teachers Association, Forensic Geology Workshop, Royal Institute, London, UK (1 July 2014)

bulletOxford University, Oxford, UK (3 July 2014)

bulletChannel Island Group of Professional Engineers (CIGPE), Jersey and Guernsy, UK (19-20 November 2014)

bulletBath Geological Society, Bath, UK (4 December 2014)


Other Events:
The program for the 2014 International Network of Environmental Forensics Network (INEF) conference to be held at St John's College, Cambridge, UK August 4-6th is available here Anne Brosnan, Deputy Director Legal Services (Chief Prosecutor), Environmental Agency England delivered the keynote talk at the conference. Talks and workshops were also provided by leading scientists including Robert Morrison, Alan Jeffrey, Steve Mudge and many more with sessions topics including:

Events for 2013

IUGS-IFG Training Events

bulletSearch Training, Serious Organized Crime Agency (UK Police), UK (March 2013)

bulletII Iberoamerican Workshop on Forensic Geology Brasília, Brazil (Brazilian Federal Police)(October 2-4 2013)

Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Events:

bulletEuropean Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2013, Vienna, Austria (April 2013)

bulletJapan Geoscience, Japan (May 2013)

bulletRussian Federal Centre of Forensic Science (RFCFS) of the Ministry of Justice Soil Forensic and Forensic Geology Knowledge Transfer Event(21-25 October 2013)Russian and English Event Flyer

bullet2013 Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition Denver, Colorado USA (27–30 October, 2013) The IFG & SWGGEO sponsored Topical Session T156. Forensic Geoscience: Advances and Applications

bullet2nd International Conference on Engineering Geophysics and Forensic Geology session, Abu Dhabi Police, Al Ain, UAE (24 - 27 November 2013)

Second International Conference on Engineering Geophysics website Authors are invited to submit 4-page extended abstracts for selection by the technical committee no later than 15 June 2013.


Events for 2012

The Hague, Netherlands, 20 - 24 August, 2012
6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference including the 4th International Soil Forensics Conference (link goes offsite, click back button to return)

Brisbane, Australia, 8th-9th August 2012
AFP & IUGS-IFG Two-Day Workshop on the Design, Management and Implementation of Ground Searches using Geophysical Equipment

Brisbane, Australia, 5 - 10 August, 2012
34th International Geological Congress to be held in Brisbane, Australia, 5 - 10 August, 2012. (link goes offsite to the IGC website, click back button to return)

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, 27 - 29 May, 2012
The Geological Association of Canada (GAC®) and the Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) 2012 Joint Annual Meeting – Geoscience at the Edge, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, 27-29 May, 2012. (link goes offsite to the conference website, click back button to return)

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 20 - 25 February, 2012
The American Academy of Forensic Sciences 64th Annual Scientific Meeting
Workshop #9 What Did You Just Step In?! Use Forensic Soil Examinations to Find Out

Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Events:

bullet Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 4–7 November 2012
     2012 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Exposition

bulletSt Bede’s College, Manchester Autumn 2012 Rocks and Bodies — Forensic Geology At St Bede’s (see page 2)


Events for 2011

Rome Meeting, 18 - 20 September, 2011
IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology Inaugural Meeting, September 18 - 19, 2011

British Festival of Science, 13 September, 2011
Sherlock Holmes to CSI: How Geologists Help Solve Crimes

Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Events:

bullet2011 Trace Evidence Symposium, 9 - 11 August

At the Science, Significance, and Impact Conference, co-sponsored by the Office of Justice Programs’ National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Laboratory Division. Click here for more information on the Trace Evidence Symposium 2011
For free live streaming of some of the events go to
The soils session was scheduled for Wednesday morning, August 10th, 2011.

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