Officers and Network Members

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Committee Officers

Laurance Donnelly

Dr Laurance Donnelly

Rob Fitzpatrick

Prof Rob Fitzpatrick
CSIRO and University of Adelaide

Lorna Dawson

Prof Lorna Dawson
The James Hutton Institute

Marianne Stam

Marianne Stam
California Department of Justice

Elisa Bergslien

Information Officer/

Dr Elisa Bergslien
SUNY Buffalo State

Mark Harrison

Geoforensic Law Enforcement Advisor
Commander Mark Harrison, MBE
Australian Intelligence Agency

Jodi Webb

FBI Advisor
Jodi Webb
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Alastair Ruffell

Training and Publications
Dr Alastair Ruffell
Queen's University Belfast
Northern Ireland

Jennifer McKinley

Dr Jennifer McKinley
Queen’s University Belfast
Northern Ireland

Duncan Pirrie

Special Publications Advisor
Dr Duncan Pirrie
Helford Geoscience LLP and University of South Wales

Ruth Morgan

Forensic Science Advisor
Dr Ruth Morgan
University College London

Skip and Christopher Palenik

Geological (Trace) Evidence Advisors
Skip Palenik & Dr. Christopher Palenik

Pier Matteo Barone

Crime Scene Advisor
Prof Pier Matteo Barone
The American University of Rome

Raymond Murray

In Memoriam
Dr Raymond Murray
Forensic Geologist, Montana

Download 2020 IUGS-IFG Committee List (.pdf file)

Regional Officers

Bill Schneck

Officer, USA
Bill Schneck
Microvision Northwest-Forensic Consulting, Inc.

Carlos Martín Molina Gallego

Officer, Latin America
Prof Carlos Martín Molina Gallego (Español)
Universidad Antonio Nariño, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forense, Bogota, Colombia

Fábio Augusto Da Silva Salvador

Officer, Latin America
Dr Fábio Augusto Da Silva Salvador
Perito Criminal Federal, Brazilian Federal Police, Curitiba, Brazil

Rosa Maria Di Maggio

Officer, Europe
Rosa Maria Di Maggio
Geoscienze Forensi Italia (formerly Servizio Polizia Scientifica)

Olga Gradusva/Ekaterian Nesterina

Officer, Russia
Dr Olga Gradusva and
Dr Ekaterian Nesterina
Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science

Ahmed Saeed Al Kaabi

Officer, Middle East
Captain Ahmed Saeed Al Kaabi
Captain Khudooma Said Al Naimi
Lt. Saleh Ali Al Katheeri UAE
Abu Dhabi Police

Ritsuko Sugita

Officer, Japan and Asia
Dr. Ritsuko Sugita
National Research Institute of Police Science


Officers, Australia
Prof Rob Fitzpatrick and Commander Mark Harrison
(see above)

Shari Forbes

Officer, Pacific
Prof Shari Forbes
University of Technology, Sydney

Grant Wach

Officer, Canada
Prof Grant Wach
Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Roger Dixon

Officer, Africa
Dr Roger Dixon
South Africa
Geology Dept at Pretoria University

Guo Hongling

Officer, China
Dr Guo Hongling
South Africa
nstitute of Forensic Science, Ministry of Public Security, Division of Trace Evidence Analysis, China

List of Members as of January 2020 (still under revision)

  1. This is a list of current IUGS IFG Committee Members & Members
  2. An aim of a 'Member' is to act as the principal point of contact in their repective country for the dissemination of information on forensic geology
  3. Contact Laurance Donnelly (ldonnelly at if your contact details change or are incorrect
  4. Please use these contact details responsibly
  5. Please do not contact Police Officers unless you have their permission.
  6. New members are considered by the Committee Members
IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology, Committee Member
Waiting for response/confirmation

Country Second Name First name Affiliation
Australia Fitzpatrick Rob CSIRO
Australia Robertson James University of Canberra
Australia Harrison Mark Australian Federal Police & NPIA
Australia Woods Brenda Australian Federal Police
Australia Forbes Shari University of Technology, Sidney
Australia/UK Tibbett Mark Centre for Land Rehabilitation, University of Western Australia
Argentina Pérez Ricardo Forensic Geologist
Belgium Martens Kristine Academia
Belgium Walraevens Kristine Academia
Belgium Cnudde Jean Pierre Academia
Brasil Russo Daniel Departamento de Policia Federal, Instituto Nacional de Criminalistica
Australia Wach Grant Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
China Pangyu Bang Waiting for contact information
Colombia Molina Gallego Carlos Martin Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forense, Bogota, Colombia
France Torres Cindy Academia
Germany Andreas Hellmann Forensic Science Institute of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt)
GB (England) geoevidence Pirrie Duncan Forensic geoscientists, Helford Geoscience LLP (specialist in trace evdience)
GB (England) search Donnelly Laurance Chair, The Geological Society of London, Forensic Geoscience Group (specialist in search)
GB (Wales) Mudge Steve Exponent UK, Managing Scientist in Environmental Forensics
GB (Scotland) Miller David James Hutton Institute
GB (Scotland) Dawson Lorna James Hutton Institute
GB (Northern Ireland) Ruffell Alastair Queens University Belfast, Department of Geography, Archaeology & Geology
GB (Northern Ireland) McKinley Jennifer Queens University Belfast
GB Fergurson Mike Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)
GB Rennison Andrew Forensic Science Regulator
GB Adams Jeff Home Office Science and Research Group
GB Pringle Jamie Keel University
GB Morgan Ruth University College of London
GB Jarvis Kym Imperial College, London
GB Wiltshire Patricia University of Aberdeen
GB Kemp Helen James Hutton Institute
GB Meier-Augenstein Wolfram James Hutton Institute
GB Miller Jennifer Northlight Heritage
GB Peffers Graham Greater Manchester Police (POLSA)
GB Yates Mark UK Military (Research)
Hungary Szoldan Zsolt Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Morphology and Inorganic Analytics
India Sunder Raju National Geophysical Research Institute, Geological Studies Division
Iran Modabberi Soroush School of Geology, University of Tehran, and President of the Geological Society of Iran
Ireland Bonsall James Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics, County Mayo
Italy Di Maggio Rosa Maria Geoscienze Forensi Italia, Roma, Italy
Italy Canuti Paolo University of Florence, Earth Sciences Department
Italy Melli Sandro Università degli Studi di Parma, Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra "Macedonio Melloni"
Italy Pettinelli Elena Tre University, Rome
Japan Sugita Ritsuko National Research Institute of Police Science
Malta Mifsud Mario Forensic manager for Malta Police
Mexico Proa Marquez Erika Natalia Servicios Periciales de Aguascalientes. Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado  
Namibia Mupani Benjamin Member for Africa
Namibia Ludik P Director, National Forensic Science Institute
New Zealand Nobes David University of Cantebury, Department of Geological Sciences, Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand Mildenhall Dallas GNS Science, LOWER HUTT 5040, New Zealand
Nigeria Chukwudi Dick Henry University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria & University of Keele, UK
Poland Milczarek Jakub Lodz, Poland
Portugal Guedes Alexandra Centro e Departamento de Geologia, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto
Russia Gradusva Olga Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science, Ministry of Justice
Russia Nesterina Ekaterina Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science, Ministry of Justice
South Africa Dixon Roger University of Pretoria (Formerly, Forensic Science Laboratory, South African Police Service)
Spain González García José Luis Colegio Oficial de Geólogos de España
Spain/UK Hawksworth David University of Madrid & The Natural History Museum
Sweden Envall Glenn Skandinavisk Arkeologisk Geofysik AB
Switzerland Bonzon Jaanne Faculy of Geosciences and the Environment, University of Lausanne
The Netherlands Luschen Mark Netherlands Police Agency, Specialist Criminal Investigations Department, Geologist
The Netherlands Struik Jitteke Netherlands Police Agency, Specialist Criminal Investigations Department
USA Murray Ray Forensic Geologist, Missoula, Montana
USA Schneck William Microvision Northwest-Forensic Consulting, Inc.
USA Stam Marianne California Department of Justice
USA Bergslien Elisa Dept. Earth Sciences, SUNY Buffalo State, Buffalo, NY
USA Webb Jodi Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
USA Vass Arpad ORNL
USA Palenik Skip Microtrace
USA Palenik Christopher Microtrace
USA/UK Grime Martin Specialist canine search consultant
United Arab Emirates Ali Al Katheeri Saleh Abu Dhabi Police
United Arab Emirates Saeed Al Kaabi Ahmed Captain, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ
United Arab Emirates Said Al Naimi Khudooma Abu Dhabi Police
West Indies/Carribbean Nieves Lorna Jaramillo Departamento de Ciencias Físicas, Facultad de Estudios Generales, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras


Organizational Structure

IFG Organizational Structure
Download IUGS-IFG Organizational Structure Chart (.pdf file)