Reading and Rhyming

created by Amanda Johnson

Buffalo State College


Have you ever thought about all of the different words that you can make just from changing the initial first letters. It is so much fun to come up with all of the different words that you can make. Reading becomes a lot more interesting and you can't wait to read the rest of the story to see how the words rhyme.


Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

1. I will start you out with two lines and you just finish the lines using the -oon words (from Part 1) or -ay words (listed below)

    I am going... or I will be back...
    An example of this would be, 'I am going to the moon. I'll be back in June.'

    Rhyming Names 

2. Children are sitting in a circle. The teacher says, 'Today we are going to play a game called Silly Willy. It's like Duck, Duck, Goose, only the person chosen (the goose) has to rhyme the name of the person doing the choosing (the ducker). Listen. I choose Lucy Goosey. (Teacher taps Lucy's head. Lucy jumps up and chases the teacher around the circle. The teacher sits in Lucy's place) Now it is Lucy's turn to choose a friend and rhyme a name.' Children play the game as a whole group.

      Reading and rhyming 

    3. There are 12 rhymes to complete with matching pictures. Single phoneme word families supplement the activities. This multifaceted material offers many ways to build rhyming concepts and proficiency. Eight sets have 5 pairs of rhyming picture cards to match. Optional use, color-coordinated word cards are needed for the activity. There are 8 sets of 5 rhyming pairs, which make 24 word families. There are also 20 optional use pictures to use for the activity and 12 rhymes with pictures as well.


      Fun with Rhymes Quiz

    4. Go the the Internet web site and complete the quiz that I have made for you. After you have completed the quiz I would like all of you to print the quiz out and make sure all of your names are located at the top of the page and then turn the quiz into me.

    A pocketful of Rhymes

5. After you arrive at the home page of the Website I would like all of you to click on the Guess What link. I would like all of you to read two of the poems and then try and guess what the object of the poem is. Once you have made your prediction I would like you to scroll down to the end of the page and then see the correct answer to see if your prediction was right.

    Rhyming Words Worksheet 

6. Click on the Worksheet link above and then print out the page from the computer. After you have printed out the worksheet write your name on the worksheet and then finish the worksheet. When you are completed with the worksheet, turn it into me.

The Big Question

I would like all of you to use all of the ideas and knowledge that you have received from all of our activities and create your very own original rhyming poem. Be as creative as you can and before you begin I would like all of you to get your idea approved by me and then you can begin writing your poems. Keep in mind that after you decide what you are going to write about I would like all of you to brainstorm a variety of rhyming words that you can use in you poems in case you get stuck. Before you turn in your completed poems make sure you have completed all of the editing from your work groups and you have reread your stories as well. Then you may turn your poems into the work pile. Have fun and good luck!