Planning for a New Science and

Mathematics Complex at Buffalo State

BSC Advocacy and Planning Commmittee:

Kim Bagley - Professor of Chemistry and Project Shepherd
Mike DeMarco - Professor and Chair of Physics
Karen O'Quin- Associate Dean, SNSS
Steve Shaffer -  Manager of Design and Construction, Facilities Planning
Gary Solar - Associate Professor and Chair of  Earth Sciences and Science Education
Greg Wadsworth- Associate Professor and Chair of Biology
David Wilson - Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics
Joe Zawicki - Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and Science Education

Other Participants in the Planning Process:

Cannon Design

State University Construction Fund

Project News:

Phase II Design Update  (Based on Design Manual Report, Fall, 2010)

Phase I Ground Breaking (The Buffalo News, 9/25/2009)

Science and Math Complex Overview (SBAC Presentation, Fall, 2009)

Building for the Future (The Insider,  June, 2008)

Schematic Design completed for a new Science and Mathematics Complex  (The Bulletin, 12/13/2007)

Concept pictures from the  Cannon Design's  2007 Presentation on the Proposed Schematic Design  (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Report on Science Building Program Study  at the  2007 Meeting of the  Faculty of the SNSS

Bagley, O'Quin, and Wadsworth attend  Project Kaleidoscope's 2006 Planning Facilties for Undergraduate Science and Mathematics at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina

BSC Science amd Mathematics Complex - A Faculty Perspective (2005 Committee Presentation to College Council)

Donor Recognition Planning:

Donor Recognition Opportunities (Presentation by Amy McMillan, March, 2010)


Virtual Tour of the Science Mathematics Complex

WebCam shows phase I construction progress

West View of Phase I

Proposed design for Phase I of the Science and Mathematics Complex at Buffalo State, SUNY